Lamlas directs the implementation of a ministerial circular to stop 5 fish landing centers in Aden


The Governor of Aden Governorate, Ahmed Lamlas, issued a directive to implement instructions from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, to stop five fish landing centers west of Aden.

Where the governor demanded the suspension of five fish landing centers in the Ras Omran area, west of Aden, as a violation in accordance with the official circular issued by the Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Fisheries, Major General Salem Al-Saqtri.

In turn, the governor of Aden directed the director of security and director general of the Buriqa district, to implement the security belt forces and the security forces in Ras Omran to stop the fish landing centers and prevent their activities.

The directive also included obligating all sellers to sell and buy marine life at the Amran landing center of the General Authority for Fisheries in the Gulf of Aden.

Earlier today, the General Authority for Fisheries decided that the authority, in cooperation with the local authorities in the capital, Aden, and in coordination with the Office of Industry and Trade, Aden, has started a new work mechanism to organize the fish marketing process, including specific controls for fish prices in the local market, which will be accompanied by inspection and control campaigns from Branches of industry and trade offices.

The prices of fish species in the local market for today were determined according to the bulletin issued by the General Authority this morning, as follows:

Type of fish – selling price per kilo, local market

1- Al-Thamd: 5000 riyals

2- Al-Sakhla: 10500 riyals

3- The campus: 3000 riyals

4- Anvilloos: 3700 riyals

5- Abu Ein: 4500 riyals

6- Aqman: 3300 riyals

7- Al-Bagha: 2000 riyals

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