Learn about the Olympic red squad against Syria


The technical staff of our national Olympic team announced the starting lineup with which the Syrian national team will face, at 8 p.m. today at Suhaim bin Hamad Stadium, “Qatar Club Stadium”, in the context of the second round of matches for the Asian U-23 qualifiers.

Today’s squad did not undergo any changes, as the technical staff relied on the same squad that he played against Qatar.

Tonight’s meeting is important for our team, to compensate for its first loss against the Qatari team, and any positive result would restore confidence to the players, and give the team the opportunity to compete for the qualification card, which will remain in the event the Qatari team stumbles, or to compete for the second card that will be given to the best 4 teams in Second place.

Syria enters the meeting as the leader of Group A with 3 points, from its victory over Sri Lanka, and our team is third without points after its loss to Qatar.

The first from each group out of 11 groups qualifies, bringing the number to 11 teams, adding to them the best 4 seconds out of 11 groups, to become 15 teams, in addition to the host Uzbekistan team that plays directly in the finals, bringing the total of contenders in the AFC U-23 finals to 16 teams .

The starting lineup for today’s match included: * Goalkeeper: * Ali Abs – “1” * Defense: * Ammar Al-Baydani “2” Hamza Al-Raymi “4” Imad Al-Jadima “5” Ahmed Al-Wajeeh “12” * Middle:* Muhammad Al-Tiri “15” Anis Al-Maari “10” Nasser Muhammadu “19” * Attack:* Omar Al-Dahi “9” Abdel-Majid Sabara “17” Ahmed Anan “11”

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