Lebanese Hezbollah media reveals painful strikes against the Houthis on 5 fronts in Marib


Arab coalition fighters launched violent raids on Houthi militia positions on the Marib fronts.

Houthi media said that the Arab coalition fighters launched 27 raids on their positions on a number of fronts in Mar governorate, during the past hours.

And Al-Mayadeen TV, affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah, stated that the coalition fighters launched 27 air strikes on militia sites in the districts of Harib, Al-Juba, Madghal and Sirwah in Ma’rib, northeastern Yemen.

In addition, field sources confirmed that the air and artillery strikes destroyed a number of militia vehicles and combat equipment.

The fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy targeted gatherings and reinforcements of the Houthi militia on the fronts south of Ma’rib, inflicting losses in number and equipment.

This coincides with the intensification of violent battles on the western, southern and northern fronts of Marib, as a result of which the Houthi militia lost dozens of dead and wounded.

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