Lebanon’s prime minister pressures Qardahi to resign


The Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, called on the Minister of Information in his government, George Kordahi, “to give priority to the public interest, to overcome the current crisis between his country and the Gulf states, against the background of his statements regarding the Yemen war.”

The Lebanese LBC television reported that Mikati had consulted with President Michel Aoun on the latest developments, and accordingly he had contacted Qardahi, asking him to “appreciate the national interest and take the appropriate decision to reform Lebanon’s Arab relations.”

The television added that Mikati asked Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib to stay in Beirut and not travel to Scotland to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference, to keep pace with the latest developments and form a team to address the crisis.

Earlier on Friday, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the recall of its ambassador to Lebanon, for consultations, and at the same time requested that the Lebanese ambassador leave its lands within the next 48 hours, and all Lebanese imports stopped. Bahrain has taken similar measures.
For its part, the Kingdom of Bahrain announced its request from the Lebanese ambassador to leave its lands within 48 hours.

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