Legitimacy is largely complicit in the collapse


People’s lives have turned into a nightmare and an unbearable living hell. There is no commodity that is a priority for the citizen, and the insane rise in prices has not been affected.

In the current situation, the cost of living has become an ember of fire and an unquenchable flame, amid the government’s complicity in what is happening, while the Central Bank believes that its recent measures and the sale of the currency at auction, have dropped the obligations and responsibility for the continuous erosion of the value of the national currency

All concerned parties, resorting to circumstantial and marginal measures, cannot address the collapsed economic situation

Even the formal meetings, which the Presidency of the Government briefed us on, and its steps regarding addressing the living situation, cannot be touched with any seriousness and responsibility to save the value of the currency from collapsing,

There are things within the reach of the legitimacy, if they were taken, that might positively affect the improvement of the value of the riyal, and restore confidence among citizens, in their national currency. living

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