Legitimacy official: This is the only solution for the Saudi-led coalition to avoid US pressure on Yemen


Engineer Muhammad Al-Muhaimid, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications in the internationally recognized Yemeni government, revealed the only solution for the Arab coalition to support legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia to avoid US pressure on the Yemeni crisis.

In a post monitored by “The Yemeni Scene”, he stressed that the only solution for the coalition to avoid US pressure on it with regard to the Yemeni issue is for the coalition to support legitimacy and the Yemeni government as an ally in Yemen to confront Iranian militias, and leave the legitimacy to the full space on the political and military side, and the coalition remains supportive from afar.

He explained that the coalition’s involvement in the entire political and military side on behalf of legitimacy is what makes America put pressure on the coalition.

Al-Muhaimid concluded by addressing the Arab coalition by saying: “Treat your ally as Iran treats its allies.”

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