Let’s agree because I’m a scoundrel..!


When we write, we write an opinion, and the opinion is not a kind of truth, and falsehood does not come to it from before it or from behind it. And the correctness of the opinion we take from what our understanding has reached, and what our readings have been able to locate, and the process of building an opinion is subject to several factors, such as the surrounding environment, potential emotions and overlapping considerations. An opinion is a mixture of many things and considerations.

And when we differ, we must put a margin for the possibility of error. This margin is a natural reflection of the state of human failure. Recognizing this margin allows us to take and respond with those who disagree with us. This margin allows us to cross-fertilize ideas with the other. Criticism by violators, whoever disagrees with us completes us because he sees the same opinion, but in another way, he has another angle to look at the matter we are dealing with, he presents us with an aspect and considerations that we did not touch upon..

Just as people are undoubtedly different entities, and each of us has his experiences that may not be similar to the experiences of others, and our differences are more likely than our agreement, and if we agree once, we may disagree many times, and if we agree once, this does not mean that we must agree along the line. Because if we agree in everything, then one of us at that moment relinquishes his personality and identifies with the other completely, and we should not argue in opinion, but we must have a friendly dialogue to reach a middle opinion between us, with which we can revive the values ​​of coexistence..

Tanweera: Do not be angry with those who disagree with you, rather you should celebrate it because it is the other side of you, and not the one who agrees with you, because whoever agrees with you does not add anything new to you, but whoever disagrees with you – if you accept it – adds to you other dimensions to your opinion, and ignites the spark of challenge In you, to provoke a discussion that produces creativity.. Let us leave margins for discussion so that the spaces of creativity expand, and let us expand the spaces of friendship, as difference does not spoil friendship an issue..

Extra dose: So when you call me a scoundrel because I differed with you in opinion, you did not allow me at that time, because it was beyond discussion.. I do not owe me an apology, but I hope you will accept me as I am, with love..!

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