Live with the militia!!


To the advocates of peace and coexistence with the militia and stopping the war, and those who talk about the merchants of war and the bleeding of Yemeni blood, and that the Yemenis are brothers, we say:

Your words are good and the mind is clear, and it is what is required and what is required, but:

You have to convince the militia leaders (the leaders of the racist dynasty) that they are human beings and that they and the rest of the Yemenis are equal, and there is no preference for Hashemi over my tribe except by piety and not by lineage and pure (sperm) according to their claim and charlatanism.

Convince the descendants of the royal imamate of republic, democracy, pluralism and freedom of speech, that Ibn al-Qibli has the right to become president and minister, and that positions are qualified, experienced and qualified, and not for (relatives), Qaouk and the turban.

Convince the owners of the sectarian march to release the kidnapped innocent civilians (children, women, the elderly, academics, etc…) as proof of their good intentions in reconciliation.

Convince the supporters of Khamenei and the bearers of the banner of racism that the five, the various levies, and the effort are illegal, and the consumption of people’s money unjustly.

Convince the owners of the September 21 catastrophe that the September 26 revolution is a revolution of the Yemeni people against injustice, Imamate tyranny, poverty, ignorance and backwardness.

Convince the owners of the will, the Ghadeer, the ship and the document that (I do not enter) and the Yemenis have no relationship with Ali and Muawiyah and Hussein’s disagreement with Yazid, and they do not bear its consequences and consequences.

Convince (the group) of the cave to form a civil political party devoid of militias, weapons, lieutenants, state department, al-Batin, al-Aal and al-Atra.

Finally, convince our tribal friends that God created them free and dignified, and they are not herds inherited by imams and leaders. If it wasn’t for their subordination and subservience, the racist, dynastic, rebellious oppressor would not have left his cave, and the virus would not have spread or spread throughout.

If the militia and its lords are convinced, then peace is a foregone conclusion.

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