Major General Al-Arada makes his first statement after the Houthi militia’s claims to control Al-Juba (video)


Major General Sultan Al-Arada said that the battles between the forces of the National Army and the Popular Resistance and the Houthi coup militia have been on the outskirts of Marib since 2015, and they will never stop, and move from one area to another.

The statement of the governor of Ma’rib governorate came after the Houthi coup militia claimed to advance and take control of the Juba district.

Major General Al-Arada said in a television statement, this evening, Thursday, that the battles are now taking place in Al-Jawf Governorate, on the outskirts of Sanaa, Al-Bayda, and the southern districts of Marib.

He pointed out that the Houthi coup militia has been targeting with ballistic missiles populated villages in all the cities of Marib, especially the Abdiya district, which has been besieged for weeks by the militias.

Major General Sultan Al-Arada said that the Houthi militia refused the intervention of human rights and humanitarian organizations to rescue the besieged civilians in the Abdiya district, and appealed to the international community and the humanitarian conscience to intervene urgently to save civilians.

Major General Sultan Al-Arada confirmed that the government forces and the tribesmen in Ma’rib Governorate will continue to confront the Houthi coup militia until all Yemeni lands are restored.

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