Marib does not need your sympathy


We live a noisy party between statements and welcome statements.
One side lives under the illusion of its ability to liberate Sanaa on its own, and the other side lives under the illusion of conspiracies for its sacrifices.
Marib may not need your sympathy, but it needs you to take advantage of the time and it still sympathizes with you.

One of them mocks Ma’rib and has not fought a single battle on the ground, and is still clearing his memory of the Iranian cry, “The coming defeat is on the back of whom is it thrown?” .
Then we return to the circle of accusations.

Even those who claim to be on the side of national unity are very impressed with the campaign of treason against leaders and soldiers who have been facing the Iranian project for nearly two decades and have been fighting without ranks, salaries or weapons.
The avengers in the political struggle believe that the battle over Iran is like a racing car with a single driving seat that cannot accommodate more than one leader!

We must realize that the battle with the Houthis is a battle with Iran, which is based locally on the clerical inheritance of the Imamate, and fighting this battle requires all Arabs.
Every believer in the nation’s justice against Iranian barbarism is on a loophole in the battle.
As for Marib, it will remain a symbol of the Yemeni just war

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