Marib is in great danger… and the Houthi militia is very close to the city (new details and developments)


Military and field sources confirmed that the densely populated city of Marib has become in great danger, after the Houthi coup militia approached the southern gate of the city.

The sources said that the Houthi coup militia launched, during the past hours, ballistic missile strikes on the Al-Amoud area of ​​Al-Juba District, adjacent to the city of Ma’rib.

She explained that the missile bombing was followed by an attack and a large advance of the Houthi militia on the positions of the government forces in the Al-Amoud area.

According to the sources, the Houthi militia has made new progress towards the “Falaj” point and the Balk Mountains, and is now on the outskirts of the city of Ma’rib.

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