Marib is not a party, it is the abbreviation of Yemen


[في كلمة له أمام اجتماع المكتب السياسي للمقاومة الوطنية، الخميس في مدينة المخا، قال العميد طارق إن معركة مارب الآن وحيدة وقد تنتقل المعركة غداً في الجنوب وفي الساحل وفي تعز. وتساءل: “طيب هل نحن جاهزون لهذه المعركة؟”. داعيا إلى شراكات وطنية عابرة للفئويات لاستنقاذ المعركة الوطنية على قاعدة عريضة من المقاومة الحقيقية.]

Fight those who fought and are fighting, knowing that they are unjust and that they are without their rights, their land, their honor, their homes and their families.

He did not fight against my will or my servants to help Mohsen and Hadi, but rather to triumph for his rights, his family, and his sanctities, for fever is the reason for fervour. In the end, Marib is no longer just the fever of Marib, as there are more than two million Yemenis displaced by the Houthis from their regions and governorates, and Marib sheltered them.

The Marebites defended the oak like no one else did, and they paid the dearest and the bravest, the precious skulls, and the dearest of livers. These are a people who have been let down, yes, often and bitterly, but they are not harmed by those who let them down and are not given the world, and if they are let down in their country, they are not those who betray their country and themselves.

Marib and its tribes exceeded the calculations of victory and defeat by distances.

How many mountains, towns, and deserts will we lament… Let it be.. Do not be sad, for people are pouring the water of life there and without a nation of human beings and Yemenis jostling in Marib and they are the abbreviation of Yemen.

The felonies of the parties against the cities and governorates have continued, and they are nothing but a summation of their felonies against Yemen, state and order, and Yemenis. I was defeated and defeated by all these sects, fanatics and gangs whose faults the Houthis crossed from Dammaj, Amran and Sana’a while you were walking. Who counts them and the totems of the Museum of Authority?

The tribe is not a party, organization, or ideology. All of them shared the rule for a long time, and they also shared the oppression of the local communities and the future tribes, including those including Marib and the Marib.

Today, Marib, the last, is the first, and it is the abbreviation of Yemen, and Yemen will not fall and go with the wind.

The lies fall and the last facts are examined. Marib is not a party, and al-Arada is not an organizational official or an agent of a party, and its people are a quarter of it, and they are the rest of us with certainty and confidence.

It is a disgrace that Marib is fulfilling a destiny and a battle of destiny for all of Yemen and all of Yemen watching and wailing and distributing curses on so-and-so, two and ten in the margins of a museum that does not wait or rain.

You Marebians…

You people and the rest of the people.

You lost people.

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