“Marib” opens a new door for “joining” the rest of the governorates, despite the failure of the leadership of “legitimacy”


The political parties in Marib governorate have opened a new door to “join” a military council, in front of the rest of the governorates.

Politicians and observers considered that the strong statement issued on Monday by the political parties in the province was long overdue for years, but it represented the inauguration of the establishment of a new military and political council that would defend the province and open the door for the rest of the provinces to join.

They pointed out that the statement accused the legitimacy of betrayal, but sounded the alarm to move the rest of the fronts, and relieve pressure on the province, by the Houthi rebels.

The political parties and forces in the governorate had accused the legitimate leadership of “a catastrophic failure in its responsibilities, politically, militarily, economically and in the media, and at all levels locally, regionally and internationally, a failure that was reflected in the resistance project to overthrow the coup and restore the republic.”

The political parties condemned, in a strongly worded statement, “the failure of the legitimate leadership of the Marib Governorate, as it is engaged in a fateful local and national battle,” holding the “legitimacy” fully responsible for “everything that results in this shameful betrayal.”

Yesterday, Monday, the statement issued by the General People’s Congress, the Yemeni Congregation for Reform, the Yemeni Socialist Party, the Nasserite People’s Unionist Organization, the Arab National Socialist Ba’ath Party, and the Yemeni Rashad Party, in the Marib governorate, said that the political parties in the governorate stood, in their emergency meeting. Held, in the face of the rapid events and developments around Marib, and the continuation of the Houthi aggression against the governorate and its residents.

The statement pointed out that the Houthi militia continues to target unarmed civilians with ballistic missiles and drones in one of the most heinous crimes of the era committed against the population, which caused the displacement of the residents of the entire regions, who were left in the open without food or shelter.

He added: “All of this is taking place in light of international and regional silence and shameful betrayal of the United Nations, the UN Security Council, the UN and US envoys, as well as the High Commissioner for Human Rights.”

He continued, “And all of this is taking place in light of the failure of the leadership of legitimacy and the Arab coalition in managing the battle.”

The political parties in Ma’rib Governorate strongly condemned “the continuation of the Houthi war on the governorate, its residents, displaced people and its facilities, and the brutal killing and destruction that is taking place in front of the world’s eyes and ears, and at the same time they condemn the silence of the international and regional community regarding these inhuman crimes.”

She expressed her “deep astonishment at the performance of the Arab coalition and its mismanagement of the task entrusted to it,” as the statement put it.

While she praised the “tournaments that the heroes perform on various fronts,” she called “the people of Ma’rib governorate in particular and the free people of Yemen in general to mobilize and unify all local and national energies and capabilities and direct them towards the task of defending Marib.”

She called on all Yemenis to unite in the face of the challenges surrounding the national project.

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