Marib will be the end of Houthi racism, just as Leningrad was the end of Hitler’s fascism


The Battle of Stalingrad marked the beginning of the end for the invading forces. During the battle, the city turned into a sea of ​​fire, iron and stone melted, and the people and soldiers remained steadfast, and the whole world was watching this battle, which history has not witnessed except for the Battle of Marib, whose steadfastness exceeded the time period in which Leingrad had persevered. which lasted 900 days, which made the world press describe it as a fortress surrounded by a steel cordon. In fact, it was not a fortified city at all, but it turned into a fortress thanks to the heroism of its people defending it, and its great victory over the enemy was the main turning point in World War II. This was the beginning of the demise of Hitler’s fascism.

The Houthi terrorist gang is racing against time to bring down Marib, as Hitler’s forces used to do while encircling the city of Leningrad, and they want to resolve the battle in Marib, which is of great political and strategic importance, because with its fall, this racist gang can isolate the south of the country from the north.

Despite the victories achieved by Ma’rib, the enemy insists on fighting the battle because there is no second front to occupy it and its focus is dispersed. All the fronts are suspended along the length and breadth of Yemen, which leads us to many questions. Why is the Houthi terrorist gang that determines the place and time of the battle? Why stop all fronts and remain neutral in the battle of Ma’rib?

And I am not adding anything new if I say that Marib is waging a great national war and Marib is in a terrible collision between the republic and the monarchy. It is a general popular battle against an evil racist class enemy that has attacked the most sacred sanctities of the Yemeni people, which are the achievements of the September 26 revolution. Undoubtedly, Marib will win. Because it is waging a battle for the will of life over the impulses of death and ruin.

Ma’rib has chosen to respond to the racist enemy that is spreading destruction in its bloody path by confronting it and breaking its thorn. Every fighter in Ma’rib considered his life to be the property of the homeland, and that the homeland requires from each individual the utmost of his strength, manliness and heroism. They were all an army and resisting men and children. Women are an impenetrable barrier in the path of racism and in the path of its flocks, from the enemies of life and the enemies of freedom.

Marib has abused the leaders of racism and drained its capabilities, so its friends tried to hand it over to Hodeidah, just as they handed it over to Al-Bayda and some of Shabwa before that to raise its morale and the morale of its flocks who are crushed every day on the rock of the manly steel defense, the heroic of Marib with its army and the resistance of its people, and what this gang announced the killing of more than 14,000 Except as evidence that it does not act as an account for those flocks that it plunges into a losing battle.

Marib will remain a great school for training the Yemeni people to snatch victory despite all the crowds that this racist gang mobilized on Marib and through which it failed to break the will of Ma’rib and its residents and force it to bend. Its ranks were resolute from the dead thanks to the legendary steadfastness of Marib and its people, and whoever wanted to buy his life, let him flee from the ranks of this gang before death snatched him at the hands of the heroes.

I know that there are those who look at the battle from the angle of legitimacy. Some have made insulting and cursing the leaders of legitimacy an existential goal, and we do not have the right to discuss any person’s feelings or choices, as would those who try to sanctify these leaders, but what concerns us in all of that is that They do all of this away from letting down Marib and portraying them as the nightmare of defeat or their portrayal of non-existent support. We have gone beyond all that in Marib, which refuses defeat and refuses, and they are false supporters and relied on its men and heroes to make the war in Marib a great national war.

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