Martyr Brigadier General Naji Ayed.. The pride of the young martyrs


I am in awe every time I begin to write about the martyr Brigadier General Naji bin Naji Ayedh, may God have mercy on him, and may his soul rest in peace.

The same shock that struck me on the day I learned of his martyrdom on this day last year… The look of his eyes did not leave me in the only meeting we had about two years before his solemn farewell.

In that meeting, I realized that I was in front of an outstanding military figure, despite his young age..You must respect him in the first minutes of the meeting, and impose a serious and responsible course on the discussion that does not accept joking.

An ear full of.. “And the empty ones have their heads high”.. He listens to you with his ears, eyes, heart and mind.. Then he responds with a comprehensive sentence that does not leave the mind. In short: a captivating personality and an innate charisma with a touch of noble sadness stemming from a deep sense of responsibility.

This characteristic is only available in a true leader who has prepared himself well and has been prepared by events and sermons to be a model for the young leader who believes in his cause, loves his country and redeems his people.

The days come to prove the sincerity of the first impression that this young leader left in you.. The news of his martyrdom will fall like a thunderbolt on the heart of everyone who knows him.. And here is the focus of great pain, because such a leader should not have been in the front rows, no matter how much he desired, because this type Of the characters are the leaders of the future that should be preserved in the eyes of the eyes. But we only say what pleases our Lord.

From that one meeting, and from the torrent of good testimonies that you read and hear about him from his colleagues, superiors, subordinates and relatives, you discover that the loss of his passing was greater than you thought.

An unparalleled consensus on his unique personality, which combined the enlightened national formation, the high moral upbringing, the luminous Qur’anic provisions, the broad social knowledge, and the integrated military training, in addition to all that the young initiative spirit and the difficult national circumstance that refined all of this and made Naji bin Naji Ayedh a summary Sincerely the response of the Yemeni person who believes in his Lord, loves his country and people, is sincere with his cause, and is loyal to his leaders and soldiers.

From the reality of the influential words and poems in the forty days of the martyr in the city of Marib, and from the identical testimonies that we heard through a special episode about him in the program “The Story of a Hero” broadcast by the Yemeni satellite channel, the leaders, colleagues, soldiers and relatives of the martyr brigadier general presented a unique image of a unique leader who always reduces the difference between him and his soldiers. An intrepid who sets an example in courage and redemption, active and tireless, calm and does not like noise and is not attracted by lights, a clean mindset that proves the correctness of his expectations, a keen mind that never stops inventing solutions, accurate in his appointments and honest in his promises, he knows how the enemy thinks and always precedes him. step by step. He is a good person from whom you only hear the good and the beneficial.. A son who is righteous with his parents and family and a good father to his children.

It is no wonder that these and other qualities combine in a young personality in his late thirties, as the school of the 26th of September gave birth to the martyr leader Ali Abdul-Mughni, may God rest his soul, the architect of September, who blew up the thousand-year revolution against the priesthood of the invading Imamate, the enemy of Yemen, land and people. And both of them were martyred on the same principle and against the same enemy, may God have mercy on them extensively.

These and other qualities make the martyr brigadier general a symbol of struggle whose biography should be taught to generations.. It is perfectly faithful to give his name to military brigades, batches, and public facilities, in order to remain an inspiring model of sacrifice and redemption.

The Yemeni military has the right to be proud of the martyr Naji Ayed, and the glorious September has the right to be proud of him, and Sanaa and Khawlan Al-Tayyal have the right to be proud of him, and congratulations for this good land that he watered with his pure blood.

Martyr Brigadier General Naji bin Naji Ayedh is the pride of the young martyrs, and a model for the precious souls offered by our great Yemeni people for the sake of their dignity, emancipation, land, religion and honor, at this critical juncture.

Mercy is for the martyr Brigadier General and for all our righteous martyrs who gave their souls as sacrifices of honor for the dear Yemen, whose blood is not boiled over.

May God have mercy on them and put them in spacious gardens, and I am on their path, and their sacrifices are preserved.

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