Martyrdom of the staff of the “Guardians of the Republic” Brigade, in a criminal operation by the Houthis (name + photo)


One of the prominent leaders of the “Guardians of the Republic”, the forces led by Brigadier General Tariq Saleh, was martyred in a criminal operation carried out by the Houthi coup militia on the West Coast front.

Military and field sources confirmed the martyrdom of Colonel “Shehab Mahmoud”, the staff of the Third Brigade of the Guards of the Republic, stationed in the Al-Wazia district in Taiz governorate (southwest of Yemen).

According to the sources, Colonel Mahmoud was martyred as a result of the fall of the ballistic missile launched by the Houthi criminal militia into Wadi Rin in the Al-Wazia district, while a number of wounded were caused by the Houthi shelling.

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