Massive strikes were directed at the militias.. the army announces the encirclement of the main stronghold of the Houthis from across 5 districts


The National Army forces confirmed that they had dealt severe blows to the Houthi militia, noting that they had encircled Saada Governorate – the main stronghold of the Houthis – from across five districts.

The commander of the Saada axis, Major General Obaid Hamad Al-Athlah, said that army units are encircling the Iranian militias in 5 districts in Saada governorate.

Pointing out that the army is constantly inflicting losses on the militia in equipment and spirits, from al-Zahir to al-Safra, Baqim, Razih and Kitaf.

Major General Al-Athlah said that Yemenis in all Yemeni governorates, with all their tribes and political affiliations, stand united in the face of the militia’s abhorrent settlement project, according to the “September Net” website, a spokesman for the armed forces.

The commander of the Saada axis explained that the Houthi militia wanted the Saada governorate to be an operations room to manage its war against the Yemenis, noting that with the victories the army had achieved in the governorate’s districts, the militia was terrified and forced to move that room that contained Iranian experts to another place.

He pointed out that the army in Saada province dealt a decisive blow to the Iranian militia, praising the honorable national role of the Saada tribes in resisting the coup and standing with the national army forces in the battle.

He added, “The events on the theater of combat operations, our forces do not stop carrying out the tasks entrusted to them according to the plans drawn up by the political leadership represented by His Excellency the President, Field Marshal Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, his deputy, Lieutenant-General Ali Mohsen Saleh, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the Staff the public”.

The leader of the Saada axis also stressed that the battle extends over the entire Yemeni soil, as a single battle, against one enemy, represented by the Houthi militia, and that the Yemenis have the determination and determination to fight it until complete and complete victory.

He also stressed that Ma’rib today and the legendary steadfastness it constitutes, which is controlled by the heroes of the army and tribes, constitutes a great victory for the Yemenis, as part of the national battle against the Iranian death militias.

Regarding the security aspect, Major General Al-Athlah explained that the security services in the Ministry of Interior and the security services in the governorate are responsible for securing the liberated areas in coordination with the army units, stressing that the security situation is well established in all liberated areas in the governorate.

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