Maya Al-Absi comments on her detention by the STC forces in Aden


The Yemeni media, Maya Al-Absi, commented on the process of her detention by a point affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council in Aden.

Al-Absi said in a post on her Facebook page: “I would like to assure you all that we are fine… as long as we still have the honor of the security and military profession in our country. In the camps, although we had a permit to photograph, our permit to work was also supposed to be taken from another side, which we were not aware of.

Al-Absi added, “During which they offered me to leave the camp after spending hours in it and return to the hotel, provided that my staff stay for the second day, but I refused, and the determination was that I should stay with my colleagues. Let us all share dinner, dialogue and home conversations until we were released after midnight.”

At the end of her post, Al-Absi thanked the security and military leaders who stood with her.

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