“Meteorology” issues an important warning to the citizens of seven Yemeni governorates


Today, Friday, the Yemeni National Center of Meteorology issued an important warning to citizens, especially the elderly, children, farmers, herdsmen and beekeepers in seven governorates, of the cold weather during the coming hours.
In its bulletin, which was reviewed by the “Yemeni Mashhad”, the Center expected clear and relatively cold to cold weather during the evening and early morning on the governorates of (Al-Bayda, Dhamar, Sana’a, Amran, Saada, and parts of the governorates of Lahj, Al-Dhalea and Ibb) and on parts of the internal plateaus.
He pointed to the desert areas, which will witness relatively dry and cold weather during the night and early morning, and clear to partly cloudy during the day.
The astronomer Muhammad Ayyash had predicted that air disturbances and sporadic rain would occur in several regions during the last days of this October.

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