“Meteorology” reveals today’s weather forecast in the governorates of the Republic


The Yemeni Meteorological Center, in its report on the weather during the next 24 hours, God willing, expected a decrease in the lowest temperatures in the mountainous governorates.

Weather during the period from 16:00 on November 14, 2021 AD until 16:00 on November 15, 2021 AD:

Mountain heights: Clear and cold weather during the night and early morning in the governorates of (Saada, Amran, Sanaa, Dhamar and Al-Bayda) and the high areas of the governorates (Abyan, Lahj, Al-Dhale’, Ibb, West Al-Jawf and Marib) temperatures are expected to be around their average. The weather during the day will be clear to partly cloudy over parts of the western highlands in the afternoon.

Coastal areas: Clear to partly cloudy weather on parts of the western coast and the adjacent interior highlands. The winds are southerly on the western coast and the entrance to Bab al-Mandab, moderate to strong, with a maximum speed of 25 knots, exciting for dust and sand, while easterly on the southern and eastern coasts are moderate to Active speed on the southern coast and the Gulf of Aden reaches 22 knots.

Desert areas: – generally clear weather, dry and relatively cold during the night and early morning.

Socotra Archipelago: Partly cloudy weather, with northeasterly light to moderate winds, with speeds ranging from 06 to 16 knots.

Warnings and Warnings:-

The National Center of Meteorology alerts fellow citizens:

From the drop in minimum temperatures in the cold mountainous provinces mentioned above, especially:-

1- The elderly, the sick, children, school students and workers during the night and early morning.

2- Farmers from the effects of cold weather that may affect their agricultural crops.

– Fishermen and sea-goers in the south of the western coast, and the entrance to Bab al-Mandab, from a wave height of 4 meters.

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