Military expert: For one reason.. Tariq Saleh’s forces will not confront Al-Houthi, and this is the alternative!!


A military expert ruled out the entry of Tariq Saleh’s forces in the face of the Houthi militia, calling for the national army to take the reins of the battle instead of begging for those who do not wish to do so.

In his tweets on Twitter, Yemeni military analyst and expert Ali al-Dhahab said: “We have been extravagant in urging the National Resistance Forces to engage in wide confrontations with the Houthi group, to ease their attacks on Marib and Shabwa.”

And gold expressed his astonishment at these calls for two reasons: “First / how do we call the resistance to that, and there are those who are preparing for it a leading position in the first place? Secondly, we have Hanan Tanan’s army, from Al-Mahra to Saada and Juha. Isn’t it better to invite him to intervene before calling for resistance?!”

He added: “Let the most worthy take it; By that, I mean the Republican class that resists the priesthood.”

The military analyst described what is happening as a kind of absurdity, saying: “Seven years of futility in managing the war, not its essence, to the extent that the national project is almost collapsing. What resulted in about seven years? The historical assets of the corrupt have accumulated, and the land has vanished from under the feet of the defenders of the republic and the unity of the country.”

This coincides with calls for the forces established by the UAE on the western coast, under the leadership of Saleh’s nephew, to intervene to confront the Houthi militias and relieve pressure on the Marib Governorate, which has been witnessing violent battles for nearly 9 continuous months.

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