Military movements and a very dangerous step for the Transitional Council in Abyan.. and government forces warn


Today, Monday, government forces warned of the military movements of the Southern Transitional Council in Abyan Governorate (southern Yemen), threatening to undermine the Riyadh Agreement.

The joint forces (government forces) said that “the forces stationed in the vicinity of Sheikh Salem and Kallasi were surprised by the arrival of several brigades to the Abyan stadium at a time when preparations were being made to confront the Houthi enemy in the mountain range from Silat Al-Bayda to Jishan.”

The statement considered that “a very dangerous step that threatens the entire Riyadh Agreement and destabilizes the security and stability of Abyan Governorate.”

Noting that this comes in light of the consensus and support of the permanent members of the UN Security Council to implement the terms of the agreement in full, especially the implementation of the military and security aspect, and the restoration of government functions normally and in the temporary capital, Aden.

The statement said that the joint forces of the Abyan axis are closely monitoring all military movements in Abyan governorate, especially those brigades that come from outside the governorate and cause concern.

He added: “The joint forces are carrying out their combat missions in the positions of honor and heroism to confront the Houthi aggression on Abyan governorate and distance themselves from re-tension with the STC forces.”

He held all those who seek to stab the joint forces in the Abyan axis from the rear, as they defend Hayyad and the regions of Abyan governorate as a whole, on the various fronts of the mountain chain, from Al-Saila Al-Bayda, Thurra, Al-Mahhal, and Jishan areas to the mighty outposts of Al-Mahfad.

The joint forces also warned against breaking the Riyadh Agreement and the Saudi military committees, which separated the forces at the time in Sheikh Salem and others.

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