Military sources reveal the outcome of the battles in Marib and Taiz during the last 48 hours


In the past two days, the Houthi militia lost more than 150 dead and wounded as a result of battles with the army and tribesmen and air strikes by the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Marib and Taiz, amid government criticism of what was described as international laxity with the militias’ crimes against civilians.

According to military sources, the army and the popular resistance forces managed on Tuesday and Wednesday to break Houthi attacks on the fronts west of Marib, as the militias were desperate to control the districts of Juba, Abdiya and Jabal Murad, despite the losses they had received during the past three weeks.

The sources estimated that more than 100 people were killed and wounded in the confrontations and air strikes of the coalition to support legitimacy during two days in southern Marib, in addition to the fall of many prisoners and the destruction of various military equipment and mechanisms.
Earlier, the military media said that the militias received (Tuesday) painful blows at the hands of the National Army, the resistance and tribesmen on the fighting fronts south of Marib.

And the media center of the Yemeni armed forces quoted a military source as saying that the elements of the army and the resistance wrote the most wonderful epics and broke simultaneous attacks launched by the Houthi militia on several axes and forced them to retreat and flee after incurring countless losses.

According to the source, dozens of militia members and leaders were killed or wounded by the fire of the army, resistance and tribesmen, and that many bodies of militia members are still scattered throughout the theater of combat operations.

The source explained that the army artillery launched a concentrated bombardment targeting the militia’s movements along the front line, in conjunction with air strikes by the coalition to support legitimacy, which led to the destruction of tanks and military vehicles and inflicted heavy losses on the militias.

On the same day, the army’s military media reported that the forces managed to liberate a number of sites west of the city of Taiz, during decisive battles, and that the Houthi militia losses are estimated at 50 dead and wounded, in addition to other losses in equipment, and that the corpses of militia members are still scattered in the reefs with the wreckage of their mechanisms. devastating.

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