Millions of hungry people begin a “bread revolution” in the capital, Sanaa


Today, Wednesday, local sources issued an important warning to the Houthi rebel authorities of the outbreak of a “bread revolution” in the capital, Sana’a, by millions of citizens, in light of a fierce campaign to close dozens of ovens with a lack of household gas.

The sources told Al-Mashhad Al-Yemeni that the militia authorities started a continuous campaign during which dozens of bakeries were closed in the Shoob and Al-Sabeen districts, which led to the formation of long queues of citizens in search of bread from other bakeries.

The sources indicated that the reason for the closure was due to the claim of those authorities that the closed bakeries were illegal and refused to sell by kilo.

And earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the unrecognized Houthi militia government announced the launch of a campaign to sell bread by weight, claiming to spread the culture of buying and selling loaves of bread by the kilo to reduce the process of manipulation and protect the consumer from cheating in his necessary strength.

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