Minister of Sharia: Everyone has the right to reproach “Tariq Saleh” and call him the most horrible words in this case only..!


A minister in the internationally recognized Yemeni government revealed the situation in which all Yemeni people can criticize and admonish Brigadier General “Tariq Saleh” if he does not start the battles against the Houthi coup militia on the West Coast front.

The Minister of State, Mayor of the Capital, Major General Abdul Ghani Jamil, said that everyone has the right to reprimand Brigadier Tariq Saleh, calling him the most odious words in the event that the legitimate government cancels the Stockholm Agreement, and he does not move.

And he confirmed in a tweet that he was monitored by “the Yemeni scene”, or who is admonishing Brigadier General Tariq and says why he does not move the coastal front, he is wrong, adding: “Suffice the sanctions against the leader, who is supposed to cancel these sanctions.”

This comes in response to the criticisms targeting the leader of the National Resistance and the Guards of the Republic, Brigadier General “Tariq Saleh”, and demanding that he move the West Coast front, to relieve pressure on the army in Marib, which is under intense attacks by the Houthi coup militia.

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