“Modern Tools” presents “Arab children” magazines with new challenges


The child’s culture and experiences in the past were limited to the conversations of mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, and a few entertainment means that barely reach the child, including simple plastic toys and children’s stories, in addition to children’s magazines; According to the “Erm News” website.

In the past, Arab children’s magazines played a prominent role in activating the child’s imagination, because of their intellectual educational content, which contributes to raising the value of the child’s experience, and because those magazines had a new intellectual space for him, but does this role still exist in the life of the modern child?

Majid magazine

One of the most prominent old Arab magazines, which contributed to building and refining the minds of children from the nineties generation for a long time, was “Majid” magazine, which is issued from Dubai, and has kept pace with our times. On renewed ideas to draw the child’s attention, where the papers are devoted to children’s interventions.

In order to involve the child in the content, and asked to send it to the magazine’s mail, as well as the storyboard without written content, which motivates the child to write and participate with the magazine’s organizers.

With regard to the content, the magazine worked on the idea of ​​integrating the different in society, by integrating personalities with disabilities, and it is a contemporary issue in dealing with and presenting, and civil society organizations are working on it all over the world.

Mickey magazine

“Mickey” magazine appeared from Egypt, with the humor of its characters, its proximity to the world of the child, and the amazing ideas within it, but the quality of the paper is inappropriate, and the color sorting in it is not competitive compared to the color quality of the digital product.

Also, the stories within it, still operate with the mentality of the nineties, ignoring the development of thought among this generation of children, due to the accompanying digital content that comes to their imaginations.

“The Little Arab” magazine

As for the “Al-Araby Al-Saghir” magazine, which is issued from Kuwait, the stories have long introductions, which makes the child lose the passion for completion, and the colors seem unqualified to compete with what the high-quality product offers electronically, while the content inside the magazine suffers from boring plots, which are not Still isolated from the reality of the issues and requirements of the child in the present.

Disney Princesses magazine

“Disney Princesses” magazine presents a speech dedicated to girls, and the fact that all ideas revolve around the housework, where cooking, sewing and arranging the house, a media discourse that fit in the sixties of the last century, and does not keep pace with the mentality of the girl who wakes up and finds her mother has gone out to work, and finds her mother leading her car and travel to different countries.

The stereotypical ideas frequented by this magazine have become outside the world, and it is no longer logical to pass such ideas without keeping pace with the development of the feminist mentality, and the development of society’s vision of it in the modern era.

There were also magazines “Ali Baba, Samir Lulu, Al-Mizmar, Arwa, Ahmed, and Al-Athikaa”, some of which are ongoing, and some have stopped working.


The challenges that Arab magazines face at the present time have become multiplied in light of the diversity of resources that are available to the child through his daily journey with the digital device. It is no secret to anyone the amount of information flow and ways of entertainment and entertainment that are being bombarded by children in the contemporary time, such as electronic games, applications for competitions and group games The child does not stop paying attention to them, in fact, such applications and games have succeeded in creating a state of attraction between them and the child’s mind, which aspires to the amazing designs and strange movements that it aspires to in its imagination, in addition to the sounds it possesses of interactive tools with the child’s imagination, Including quality color sorting, design and amazing ideas that are easy to create for digital design professionals.

All this raises the responsibility of those in charge of children’s magazines, no matter how much the magazine keeps pace with the read and visual, the arena of conflict with digital content remains in the area of ​​risk. And he is looking for another, as the idea of ​​working on the efforts of parents to convince the child of the nature of the past childhood, has become fragile, as the father will find himself helpless in front of the capabilities that digital data gives to his son.

contemporary themes

Arab magazines should seek to explore areas related to galaxies and beyond the planet, and deal with modern scientific discoveries in a deep way in how they are made and how they work in a simplified and interesting way. The magazines also need to prepare a modern woman in line with the Arab social system, by motivating her to create her own identity. He drew the girl’s attention to women’s freedoms and the way they integrate into Arab society, so that they would be a productive woman in the future.

In addition, magazine departments should renew marketing plans, break into social media, by creating comics, presenting interactive issues through them, and asking for comments and opinions from parents and children, with the aim of restoring their presence in a crowded world of ideas and ways of fun surrounding children everywhere. .

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