Most of them are expatriates, patients and students..“Legitimacy” and “Houthis” sell thousands of Yemenis for “Saudi riyals”


Hundreds of Yemeni expatriates, students and patients have complained that health authorities in governorates under the recognized Yemeni government have sold doses of Corona vaccines in Saudi riyals; After the Houthi rebel authorities prevented the entry of vaccine doses into the capital, Sanaa, and the governorates under their control.

In their complaint, which was received by the “Yemeni Scene”, they said that the health authorities in the governorates under the control of the recognized government are selling vaccines for the emerging corona virus in Saudi riyals to thousands of expatriates, students and patients coming from the capital, Sana’a, and the governorates under the control of the Houthi militia, which prevented the entry of vaccines. Corona virus and deprived millions of Yemenis from obtaining it.

They stressed that the cost of a single dose of the vaccine is sold for between 400 and 700 Saudi riyals, in addition to travel and transportation costs between governorates.

And the Ministry of Health in the recognized government had accused the Houthis of preventing the entry of Corona vaccines into their areas of control, and depriving millions of Yemenis from obtaining them.

Dr. Ali Al-Walidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Health Care Affairs, said: “The great challenge facing the Ministry of Health in the legitimate government is the Houthi coup militia’s failure to accept vaccines in areas outside the administration of the legitimate authority.”

Al-Walidi explained that the vaccines are “available in more than 133 districts in the governorates under the control of the legitimate government, and they are available to everyone, and there is no problem in obtaining the vaccine.”

He continued, “Although vaccines have been accepted for all citizens of the Republic of Yemen without exception, the Houthis’ prevention of their access to their areas of control prevented them from obtaining more vaccines.”

Al-Walidi called on the United Nations, humanitarian affairs and all the international community, to “exercise more pressure on the Houthi militia for the purpose of delivering vaccines to the most populous areas under its control.”

And on Friday, the United Nations announced that “war-torn Yemen has received only enough vaccine doses for the Corona virus to cover 1.5 percent of the population,” without other details.

During the last period, the Yemeni government received only about half a million doses of Corona vaccines provided by donors.

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