Muhammad Qahtan’s lawyer reveals new moves regarding him after he was hidden 7 years ago


A human rights source revealed movements regarding the reformist leader, Muhammad Qahtan, after his mother died without seeing him 7 years ago.

Lawyer Abdul-Basit Ghazi said: “After the family of the detainee, Sheikh Muhammad Qahtan, communicated with us, as we are his lawyers and appointed by the Criminal Court to defend him… The Detainees Defense Authority appeals to the leadership of the (… Houthi) group to enable him to see his mother and give her the last look at her. She passed away this Friday.

Ghazi asked: “Will humanity and magnanimity prevail in the hearts of the Houthis, or will political stubbornness prevent responding to the prisoner’s family’s appeal and the defense staff?”

He concluded his appeal by saying: “There is still great hope in our hearts for the victory of humanity.”

Yesterday, Friday, the mother of the prominent politician and leader of the Islah party, Muhammad Qahtan, who has been hidden in the prisons of the Houthi militia since April 2015, died without being able to see him or hear his voice for 7 years.

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