My joy is greater than the joy of the Prophet of God Yunus when he came out of the whale’s belly


It is the fifteenth of October 2021 AD.

I do not think the joy of the Prophet of God Yunus “peace be upon him” when he emerged from that gloom in the belly of the whale and the depths of the sea was greater than my joy on the day I was released from the prisons of the Iranian Houthi militia, which was on this day last year.

It did not happen in my life that I cried for joy except on the day when I regained my freedom after living for nearly five and a half years in the prisons of the revolutionary dynasty militias – or let’s say the intruder and occupied – which God has afflicted Yemen as well as Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

Indeed, it was indescribable joy, and feelings that cannot be translated into words, when I exited the door of the plane at Seiyun Airport and saw the free and the free men, including officials, military leaders, notables, fellow journalists, media professionals, human rights activists, relatives, friends, and others whose character I did not recall now, or perhaps I did not realize their presence there and then. Because I was shocked by that wonderful moment.. All of them were aiming their eyes and cameras at every hijacker who appeared from the door of the plane.

I was unable to speak at that time, as since 1995 days I had not seen such a sincere smile as those friendly and optimistic smiles, so my tears were unleashed when I saw, in return, the tears of the dear ones making their way to the pages of their cheerful faces, with joy that we were freed from the guillotine of that sick and hateful gang.

There we were received and hosted for two or three hours at the Seiyun airport hall, then three buses picked us up heading to the city of Ma’rib, but when we traveled half the distance or more and the governorate leadership was informed that we would reach the city of Ma’rib around ten or eleven in the evening, they He welcomed us, hosted us, arranged housing, and so on, but the response came from the governor sternly refusing to enter Marib, so the buses stopped and turned tens of kilometers back to find us a hotel to stay in.

Why did they refuse to receive us?!

The reason is what the Sultan of Sheba said at the time: These are heroic fighters, and Ma’rib should receive them in a manner worthy of them, and that was really true.

When we resumed our travel on the morning of the second day, Friday, October 16, 2021, and arrived on the outskirts of the city of Marib, my eyes saw the scene of a public reception – official and popular – that I could not obtain even if I became president of Yemen, God forbid.

Countless large crowds came out to receive us from the city of Marib and its suburbs, and if they were not carrying banners and pictures belonging to us, the liberated detainees, I would not have believed that they came out for us.

They were lined up from a long distance before we reached the city..welcome, cheering and glorified, and many cars and official and popular chants and banners continued to accompany us, and the closer we got to the city, the crowd surrounding the road seemed to be more dense until the bus was not moving with difficulty due to the intensity of crowding and competition to receive us.

What wonderful moments and feelings that I cannot describe or explain, no matter what I say, but I can only say:

Thank you to everyone who cooperated or supported in any word or deed for our release.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to receiving us, accommodating us, and taking our hands until we were able to get back on our feet again.

Thank you all.. I remind myself and you that there are also detainees and prisoners in the prisons and dens of those militias. Today passes them like a month and a month like a year, between the darkness of prison and the injustice of the jailer. So that they can endure another day of oppression and arrogance of the tyrannical and oppressive Houthis, or perhaps the window of hope has expanded for them a little so that God will open for them and He is the best of conquerors.

May you be free and healthy

There is no aggression except against the wrongdoers.

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