My love is captive!!


It invades my sleep every day..and every time I ask myself in a dream: Am I really in Sanaa, or is it a dream?

Sana’a is not a city… but a powerful attraction for everyone who loves it… a city that is not easy to love at first sight… but if you fall into its nets, you have condemned yourself to eternal infatuation from which you cannot escape, and you have no description of it.

Have you seen that if you fell in love with a charming woman, you thought that she did not love you, and discovered the exact opposite after you separated from her.. She is Sanaa.

Sanaa for me today is a lover who was kidnapped by an evil gang. The gang tries to convince her that you love someone else, but she trusts you, and is sure that they are lying.

Every minute that passes with your beloved in captivity means a piece of torment, and the loving knight counts his time in seconds until his beloved is freed.

The bird will return to its nest, slashed with yoghurt, and the rider will return to his beloved sweetened with coquetry.. This is destiny.. But the curse kills the heart every minute.

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