Nassar, who comes from Yemen


About the series Al-Khawali, about Al-Shami the hero, and about Nassar Al-Yamani, who we are waiting for in every town

A few days ago, I’ve been watching the series “Al Khawali”… I remember watching it when I was a child, but I didn’t remember it well, so I decided to repeat it; To measure how fascinated we were, then, whether it was real or childhood who let us see great things. And I actually saw it.

The Nassar Bin Oraibi series was a lofty, dramatic cry, what a series, what a lofty, great, noble, revolutionary Syrian..

Nassar’s true story, which took place at the beginning of the last century, in Damascus, the Levant, and I cried while living the injustice that he experienced, his mother is my mother, the women of the neighborhood are the women of my town, and his companions are my youth’s companions, and the men who are armed with the nose are my family and my consolation, yes.

This is how I watched it, and as I watched it, I thought of us who are without heroism, in the time of Al-Houthi, and without men who fight each one with his battle.

Every Yemeni can be Nassar bin Uraibi.. Nassar, who started alone facing the Asmali oppression in his neighborhood, was one and became ten, became a thousand, became the whole of Levant, and faced the great Turkey, which has no limits in its power and is not similar to Al-Houthi in its tyranny. True, the oppression of Al-Houthi is more severe, but Al-Houthi’s strength is much weaker, but Nassar appeared in Damascus and Nassar did not appear here. We need Nassar in every neighborhood of our quarters, in every city, in every neighborhood and district, and in every isolation, and in every countryside.

Nassar revolted alone without a weapon. He was subjected to injustice for one day only, in Karakon, i.e. a police station, and went out striking his life in the wilderness, sleeping in the cemetery, and with monsters in the mountains, taking his weapon from the Ottoman soldier, and I heard him in all of the Levant, his first, second, and third rights , to his cave in the mountain and became their first symbol.

The knife was their only weapon. Possession of simple weapons at that time was a crime punishable by the occupier, the most severe punishment, but with diligence and effort they acquired the weapon, the case became available and the sheikhs, the elders of each town, were provided with money and weapons.

Everyone, I said everyone, watch the Nassar series. You have to watch it again, the conditions are available for each of you to be a “supporter.” The weapons are many, in every village and house, and you can be heroes. The next generation will write books about you, a scriptwriter writes the stories of your heroism, Nassar al-Ansi, or Nassar al-Baadani, Nassar al-Sharabi, Nassar al-Atami Nassar Al-Hashidi, Nassar Al-Bukili, Nassar Al-Muradi, Nassar in every town, in the Houthi depth.

Victory from within, from within. The armies are governed by the fronts, by agreements, by contradictions.

Be a help to the armies, create the conditions for the republican brigades to move, you are also charged with this war, everyone capable of bearing arms is charged with performing his role, just do not love life.

Sacrifices, fear of sacrifice will not restore the republic. If Nassar feared death, he would not have lived and married his beloved Lutfia and had four sons and two daughters. Before that, he was on the gallows. Rather, the Ottoman soldier kicked the execution chair under him, had it not been for Sham, the Levant that saved him in his last moment of life, and booked between him. Between death, she killed al-Sham while she was saved by al-Hikmadar, she killed al-Yuzbashi, after which they all lived happily.

Ultimately, Nassar bin Uraibi became a hero because of his defense of a child against the Ottoman gendarmerie, he was an orphan child, and while everyone watched while his sailors hit him, they kicked and kicked him. He puts his shoes in Nassar’s face, Nassar left prison, how can Nassar keep silent while he remembers the shoes with his face, what a hot Levantine man, and Nassar became the inspirer of revolutions from scratch, and his will to the whole world.

Be a “supporter” for your imprisoned women, for your salaries and your livelihood, for the shoes that are put on your mustaches in Houthi cells, and for your dead comrades, for a dignified life..

For everything, be supporters, and a thousand supporters.

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