Navigation stopped at Abha International Airport.. TV channel reveals the damages of Houthi targeting (video)


Al-Hadath channel revealed the suspension of navigation at Abha International Airport, yesterday, Wednesday, after it was targeted by the Houthi militia, with a booby-trapped drone.

Al-Hadath channel broadcast scenes from Abha airport, during live coverage with its anchor, who confirmed that the situation at the airport has returned to normal, after stopping for 40 minutes, following the Houthi targeting.

Al-Hadath correspondent pointed out that the coalition destroyed a Houthi drone that targeted Abha airport, which led to a scattering of shrapnel, causing damage, and causing a cessation of navigation for more than half an hour.

On Wednesday evening, the Arab coalition announced that the air defenses had intercepted a booby-trapped Houthi march that tried to carry out a hostile attack on Abha International Airport, noting that the interception fragments fell in the vicinity of the airport.

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