New battles erupt on the fronts of Marib, claiming 50 Houthi fighters… the latest developments


More than 50 members of the Houthi coup militia were killed today, Sunday, in new battles around the city of Ma’rib.
Military sources reported that 43 Houthis were killed, most of them in coalition air strikes, in various areas in the south and west of the governorate.

Meanwhile, another source indicated that 7 members of the legitimate forces were killed in confrontations in the southern front of the governorate.

This comes after the army and the resistance of the tribesmen managed to break several Houthi attacks on the western and southern fronts of Marib Governorate during the past hours.

In addition, the sources confirmed the continuation of confrontations in the south of the province.

It is noteworthy that last February (2021) the Houthi militia escalated its attacks and military operations to control the oil-rich Marib, in an attempt to strengthen its position during the political negotiations.

Despite calls by international humanitarian organizations, the United Nations and Washington to end the war and stop Houthi attacks on the governorate, which is home to thousands of displaced people, the militias continue to try to advance, without achieving any tangible results, amid the resistance of the Yemeni army and tribal fighters.

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