New details about the body of a teacher dumped in a mountain in Ibb Governorate


Unidentified gunmen killed a teacher in Baadan District in Ibb Governorate, and dumped his body in a deserted area.

Local sources said that unknown persons kidnapped the educational professor, Muhammad Amin Al-Omeisy, from the Baadan District, isolated Haysan, while he was returning to his home from one of the village councils, after the evening prayer, last Sunday night, and hit him on the head, before killing him and disposing of his body.

The sources added that the perpetrators took the victim’s body to a distance of 200 meters from the crime scene, and threw it down the mountain, in an area that people do not reach.

The parents found the teacher’s body, the next day, and it was transferred to a refrigerator in a hospital in the city of Ibb, after the criminal investigation team arrived in the area.

The sources indicated that the criminals are still unknown, and the people appealed to the concerned authorities to quickly track down the perpetrators, arrest them and bring them to justice, to receive their deterrent punishment.

The crime rate increased in Ibb Governorate and the areas under the control of the Houthi militia, where many criminals enjoy the protection and intervention of Houthi leaders.

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