New Houthi disappointment in Hodeidah Governorate


Today, Sunday, the joint government forces thwarted two Houthi militia infiltration attempts in the Jubaila and Al-Faza areas of the Tuhayta district, south of Hodeidah.

Military sources reported that the joint forces thwarted an infiltration attempt carried out by elements of the Houthi militia towards the advanced positions on the frontlines in the mountain.

The sources added that the members of the joint forces were able to thwart a similar infiltration attempt in the Al-Faza area, after they engaged in violent clashes with the infiltrating militias, according to the media website of the giant brigades operating within the joint forces on the west coast.

The sources confirmed that the joint forces inflicted dead, wounded and heavy losses on the Houthis, while those who escaped escaped, suffering defeat and defeat.

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