New indications frighten President Hadi… and the latter leaves the state of inactivity that he is accustomed to and begins his movements


Political sources confirmed that the emergence of new indications of the end of the war in Yemen, and the entry into political consultations on the final solution under international and international sponsorship, horrified President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

She said that President Hadi left the state of political inactivity that he was accustomed to, and began his movements to discuss the indicators that showed that the political settlement will determine his political future on the throne.

And she added, “President Hadi is currently leading a wide movement in defense of his future in power, with indications emerging that the war in its form that lasted for nearly seven years is about to end, and that political consultations on the final solution are under international and UN auspices.”

The sources confirmed that the calls to stop the war and the international movement to reach a new political formula and go towards a transitional phase in which all parties participate, away from the three references, including Security Council Resolution 2216, provoked President Hadi’s dismay.

Emphasizing that there are intensive international moves for a political settlement that take the facts on the ground into consideration, away from the three references that legitimacy has been repeating over the past years.

According to the sources, these moves made President Hadi mobilize his forces and intensify his contacts at various levels to search for support that guarantees his survival as President of the Republic.

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