New Job – Marib!


I will speak here accurately and with utmost credibility about the situation in Al-Juba, south of Marib.

Of course, the Houthi media yesterday, Tuesday, republished a video through its military media, in which it depicted the city of Marib from a mountain, as well as publishing pictures in front of the house of the leader, Mufreh Buhaibah, and so on.

First, regarding the video that he published yesterday, showing the city of Marib, that video is not from al-Juba and it is impossible to photograph the city from al-Juba because it is very far away. At the time, in order to arrange a campaign for such days, the speakers did not mention the date, day, and name of the area.

The other matter is that Buhaibah’s house has been in an area of ​​fire for some time, as a military commander said, and it is easy for the Houthis to film in front of it before, and therefore they deliberately collected photography from more than one place previously and did not publish for a more important goal for them. As for the Houthi progress and the funny name The “rapid dawn” or the new dawn. All the progress made by the Houthis yesterday did not exceed 600 “six hundred meters” and in an open area and during that he lost hundreds of dead, according to one of the military leaders present at the scene of the event, and if you want to verify the correctness of the area in which the Houthi advance From his followers and his media, you can log into the account of one of the group’s members on Twitter called “Sultan Jahaf” and see with your own eyes what he wrote and who was accused of neglecting hundreds of dead members of the group in order to control meters of open land that has no military importance.

In general, the aura that Al-Houthi made yesterday is a media aura only, and he prepared for this media campaign more than a month ago, as it seemed to be a military campaign in which Al-Houthi had a great victory, while in reality he failed miserably because he provided hundreds of deaths in exchange for cents, and it may be It has another “occupancy” goal.
In general, Al-Houthi yesterday mobilized the media more than his fighters, and he actually won in the media, but he failed militarily, and here we are squandering his false media victory with evidence from his backyard.

We note that what Al-Houthi has actually achieved is the siege of women and children in Al-Abdiyyah only, and if there is even a single camera for the army, the authority and the official authorities that documented a small part of the reality in Al-Juba and Al-Abdiyyah, Al-Houthi would have shown his truth to the world directly and with high technology, it will appear in a prominent title “Failed.” A military man, a humanitarian criminal, and a media charlatan.” But praise be to God al-Houthi. I am the one who confronts him who does not care about these matters and considers them trivial, even though he pays more for them than he gives to loyal members of the army and resistance.!

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