New losses in the Houthi ranks after a failed attack north of Al-Dhalea


The Houthi militia incurred new losses in its ranks and mechanisms, today, Sunday, in the form of the killing of about seven of its members, the wounding of others, and the burning of a vehicle, including it, amid confrontations that erupted after a failed attack attempt by the militia members towards the Al-Thokhab sector, in the north of the governorate, according to what was mentioned by the spokesman for the southern forces, Muhammad al-Naqib.

In tweets on his account on the micro-blogging site “Twitter”, the captain said that the joint forces stationed in the Gaza Strip managed, in the early hours of this day, to break an offensive attempt launched by the Houthi militia, and quickly broke down in it and returned, burdened with its new losses.

He pointed out that this offensive attempt came in response to the losses incurred by the enemy militias yesterday, Saturday, after the joint forces units carried out a qualitative operation that culminated in the killing and wounding of a number of Houthi militia members.

During the last period, the Al-Dhalea front witnessed a cautious calm, in conjunction with the occurrence of intermittent clashes.

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