New victories for the army..Field sources confirm that Al-Jawf is on the date of the great victory


Military and field sources confirmed that the forces of the National Army, backed by the popular resistance, have made great progress in the past hours in the Al-Hazm district, the center of Al-Jawf Governorate (northern Yemen).

The army and resistance forces managed to liberate large sites east of Al-Hazm district, the center of Al-Jawf Governorate, after violent battles with the Houthi coup militia.

The field activist, who is on the battlefield, Zaid Ali Al-Shaleef, said that “the heroes of the National Army took control of several sites east of Al-Hazm.”

He added: “God willing, the great victory is coming on Al-Jawf and beyond, and if Al-Houthi plants mines in every house and every inch, you will not protect it.”

On Tuesday, the National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, launched a massive attack on the Houthi coup militia positions east of Al-Hazm in Al-Jawf Governorate, and controlled the Al-Aqsha and Al-Nadr mountains, and reached the outskirts of the strategic Al-Labanat camp.

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