New victories for the National Army and the tightening of control over military sites in Taiz


Today, Tuesday, the National Army announced the liberation of new sites from the grip of the Houthi militia, stressing the continuation of battles on the western fronts in Taiz Governorate.

“The battles in Taiz are continuing,” Colonel Abdel Baset al-Bahr, the official spokesman for the Taiz axis, said in a brief statement posted on Twitter.

He added, “Today, the heroes of the National Army are fighting fierce battles in Wadi Khadran and in Tabisha.”

He pointed out that the army and resistance forces have so far managed to control new sites, west of Taiz.

The battles between the army forces and the Houthi militias, west of Taiz, have been going on for about a week, as the national army launched a military operation, during which it was able to achieve field gains and inflict heavy losses on the Houthi militia in lives and equipment.

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