News of the liquidation of the wounded Houthis and the death of dozens, and an urgent appeal was launched.. This is what is happening in Sanaa and Dhamar hospitals


The Houthi militia declared a state of emergency to save the wounded, after dozens of them died in field hospitals in Marib.

Field sources close to the militias said that about 78 Houthi wounded people died during the past two days, in Harib General Hospital, Marib Governorate, and the mobile field hospitals affiliated with the militias, due to severe bleeding and severe wounds to which they are exposed without obtaining adequate medical care.

The sources stated that the militias appealed to the Ministry of Health, under its control in Sanaa, to rescue the wounded, in light of the inability of its medical staff to rescue them… Noting that field liquidations for the wounded on the fronts were carried out by the Houthi militia after the inability to rescue them.

In addition, medical sources confirmed to the Yemeni scene that a number of hospitals in the capital, Sana’a, Jihana Hospital, and Dhamar hospitals are full of wounded Houthi militia members.

A number of the fronts in Marib governorate have been witnessing violent battles for about 9 continuous months, and their number rose after the fall of the districts affiliated with the governorates of Marib and Shabwa to the militias recently.

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