“O Saleh, may your Lord be pleased with us.”


“O Saleh, may your Lord be pleased with us.”

My mind and thinking are hot and I asked myself over and over!!! How do circumstances prepare, events coordinate, and all come together in the end in favor of Saleh?!!

Is it shit? Is it smart? “unbelievable”

What is happening is greater than the human mind can plan!! Intelligence has destiny and politics has limits!!

It is God’s decree, wisdom, ability and will, and this is the logical and satisfactory explanation for the soul!!

The intentions of this man are sound, and what is between him and his Lord we do not know and do not realize!

I have a strong and strange feeling about President Saleh and a good feeling towards him!

Whenever I remember the scene of Saleh raising the Qur’an in front of the scholars saying (We judge God’s law and his book), my body shudders and I feel great sorrow and pain for this man and that we have wronged him an injustice that shakes the heavens. The man said that as soon as he raised the Qur’an and asked for the arbitration of God’s law, the scholars would comply with the size and greatness of the situation, and the Yemenis would interact with them!!

By God, I say it with bitterness and a deep feeling that this man is oppressed, oppressed, oppressed, and we disavow him and he still has a pledge of allegiance in our necks at that time and he will argue with us before God on the Day of Resurrection!!

Whatever his lapses during his reign, they are not equal to the extent of the injustice that befell him in his position and age!!

Look at our ignorance, our bad intentions, and the ugliness of our actions

The ruler raises the Book of God, and the ruled raise shoes in the squares and streets!!

The ruler says, “Come, let’s reconcile, enough is enough!

And the convicts threaten him, they will enter his bedroom to violate his honor!!

The ruler says let me live in my land and die in it!

And the convicts tell him to go out!!

The ruler safely enters the mosque and prays

And the convicts blow up the mosque to assassinate him!!

Something unbelievable, unbearable injustice, and deviation from the norm, norms, and values. These are immoralities, by God!! Don’t you want God to punish us and crush us after this injustice!!

By God, the war and the destruction that befalls us is nothing but revenge from God for the benefit and punishment that entered every home and no one was spared from the repercussions of strife and war and tasted it, both small and large!!

By God, if there was nothing for a good deed except safety and security for the period of his rule, this would intercede for him with God!

By God, I am writing these lines while I am in pain and almost cry, sorry for Saleh and for our situation. We wanted him to end the sentence.

And God did not remove him from him, and he remained with judgment and prestige. God’s mercy will deceive you, my friend

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