Observers acknowledge the most obvious victory achieved by the Houthis and their common goal with the “transitional”


Observers have acknowledged the most obvious victory of the Houthi rebels, and their common goal with the Southern Transitional Council.
The chief researcher at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, Abdul-Ghani Al-Eryani, said in an analytical article, which was reviewed by The Yemeni Scene, that most observers now acknowledge that the Houthis are winning, but the question is, what victory are they achieving?
He added: The most obvious victory achieved by the Houthis are the divisions and disagreements between their opponents.
He continued: During a trip I took to Sanaa, I asked the Houthis I interviewed with: What will be the role of Abdul-Malik Al Houthi in the Yemeni state after the war? Nobody was able to answer.
And he added: According to the Houthis’ doctrine, the Houthi is the “guardian of knowledge,” (the guardian of the state) who has absolute power and influence over the nation and his power cannot be shared.
He stressed that the Islah party is in a more difficult position.
He pointed out that the Houthis have a common goal with the Southern Transitional Council and supported by the United Arab Emirates in annihilating the Islah party, which is the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, while Saudi Arabia, the traditional supporter of reform, has turned into an anti-Islamist state. Consequently, the reform finds itself with limited options.

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