October 14: Revolution of the Free


Some would like to beautify the face of colonialism in southern Yemen, and adopt its projects, including the project of South Arabia. In fact, the British colonialism; criminal in its methods, goals and projects since its first day, and since it invaded Aden with treachery, cunning and brutality, and since the cannons of Captain Hans demolished the walls of Aden and its castles, and killed its people.. and always; Colonialism has no goal other than its ambitions and the interests of its mother country at the expense of the homelands, interests and destinies of others.

With the passage of time, the British colonialism found those who identify with its projects, and link their personal interests to it, through treaties and protections, and crumbs of financial allocations.. This happens in every time and place. ..

On the other hand, the rejection of the foreigner, among the free people, remains the rule.. As long as the free people of the south faced the tyranny of colonialism and its brutality, and not a single year passed for more than a century without resistance, despite the power differences between semi-defense Yemeni citizens, and the mighty global empire at the time, Radfan was an example of that resistance that did not stop for one year, according to Hamza Ali Luqman in his book Tribes of South Yemen..

Contrary to the apparent deceptive softness, colonialism was neither civilized nor merciful to Yemenis, and often bombed their villages with planes, decades before the outbreak of the October 14 revolution. In Al-Awaliq, Radfan, Yafa and others, and blowing up the residences of his opponents, as the retarded, criminal Houthi does today. The British officers often dealt with humiliation and arrogance with the residents, but the free people faced this with pride and pride. The martyred Sheikh Muhammad Awwas, the famous British political officer, killed Davy when he deliberately insulted him. Like him, the jurist Abd al-Dayem al-Jaili, the other arrogant political officer, faced Major Seger.. These two incidents took place in Al-Dhalea, the land of the Himyarites, and the spirit of Yemen pulsing with valor and pride.

British colonialism, as usual, used a policy of divide and rule in Yemen; While the conflicts and discord in the south fueled conflict, he was keen to make of Yemen several discordant Yemens.. Under the pressure of fears and national unification projects, colonialism, after more than a hundred years of occupation, adopted the project of the Union of South Arabia, with keenness to separate it from Yemen as an entity, identity and entity. But the response of the freedmen was different and complete; They blew up the October 14 revolution, and they said this land is Yemeni, and they established a Yemeni state, whose constitution stipulates that the Yemeni nationality is one, and the Yemeni land is one. The liberation of the south has been achieved, the unity of the south has been achieved, and the unity of Yemen has been achieved.. President Ali Nasser says and always repeats what it means: Unity has no fault in the failure of the losers and the corruption of the corrupt.. and he is right..

Blessed are the free people of Yemen at every time and place..There is no consolation for the pretenders who harm Yemen, entity, dignity, status and life, and on top of them is Al-Houthi..

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