Official statement of the leadership of the Yemeni Ministry of Defense


Today, Saturday, the Yemeni Ministry of Defense announced the continuation of its battle against the terrorist Houthi militia, the continuation of the struggle of the September revolutionaries, the fight against the remnants of the Imamate and the restoration of the state from it.
The ministry said in a statement issued by its leadership that “the heroes of the army and the resistance and the free tribes are writing the most wonderful heroic epics and continuing the struggles of the free and the glorious September revolutionaries in combating the Houthi militias affiliated with Iran, and they are defending the gains of the Republic and the goals of the Yemeni revolution that the remnants of the priestly Imamate seek to hide.”
The statement added, “The revolution of September 26, 1962 represented a great and immortal event in the history of Yemen, firmly rooted in the memory of the Yemeni people, the maker of the dawn of this glorious day, in which the sun of freedom and dignity shone after centuries in which the hostages of darkness and ignorance drank the bitterness of oppression and humiliation under the authority of the most tyrannical imam rule.”
The statement stressed that “the sons of the armed forces will remain loyal to the military oath and are committed to defending the revolution, the republic and national constants, and they will spare no effort in order to liberate the rest of the Yemeni lands that are still under the control of the Iranian Houthi militia and extend the state’s authority over the entire country.”
The ministry’s leadership expressed thanks for the support and support of the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia for their brotherly stances and continuous sacrifices alongside the Yemeni people and their armed forces.

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