Officially.. the government announces the arrival of its president to Aden and reveals the tasks he is carrying out


The internationally recognized Yemeni government announced this evening, Tuesday, the arrival of the Prime Minister, “Moin Abdul Malik” to the temporary capital of Aden (southern Yemen).

The Yemeni news agency “Saba” said that the Prime Minister, Maeen Abdul-Malik, arrived in Aden, after a visit to the governorates of Shabwa and Hadramout.

Regarding the objectives of the Prime Minister’s visit to the liberated provinces, the agency said that the government is working to implement the directives of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, with a priority of mobilizing forces, capabilities and efforts and harnessing them in the national battle against the racist Houthi militia and Iranian tampering in Yemen and the region until the restoration of the state and the end of the war. coup.

She also confirmed that the Prime Minister’s arrival in Aden comes in implementation of President Hadi’s directives, which require quickly completing the implementation of all the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, which ensures efforts are directed towards the Houthi resistance and enables the government to carry out its duties towards the people, mitigate the consequences of the economic decline and address the services file.

The legitimate government stressed the importance of concerted efforts to unify the ranks and complete the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement in all its aspects to confront the danger facing everyone.

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