Officially…the Houthi militia informs Erlo of its position on the Iranian-Saudi dialogue


The Houthi coup group commented on the ongoing negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, considering that it would extinguish the hotbeds of tension in the region.

Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, appointed by the militia as foreign minister, said during his meeting with the Iranian envoy in Sanaa, Hassan Erlo, that “the Iranian-Saudi dialogue currently underway would contribute to extinguishing the hotbeds of tension and stability in the region.”

The minister added, according to Saba news agency in its Houthi version, that “any arrangements or understandings to enhance security and stability in the Al-Jazeera region and the Gulf cannot take place without ending the operations of the Arab coalition on Yemen, lifting the comprehensive siege imposed on the country, and reopening all land and sea crossings and airports, primarily Sana’a International Airport.

For his part, the Iranian Erlo reiterated, “the assertion that no military solution can succeed in Yemen,” stressing that “a peaceful political solution is the only solution.”

Last Sunday, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, the Saudi Foreign Minister, confirmed that Riyadh had held talks with Tehran during the past month.

At the time, the Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed, last Monday, that the talks with Saudi Arabia are continuing in the best way, and that they are continuing in Baghdad and included regional issues.

Iran and Saudi Arabia have been engaged in talks at the highest level since April, after severing ties in 2016.

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