Officially…the Houthi militia recognizes the killing of 12 military leaders on the fronts and publishes the names


The Houthi coup militia officially admitted losing 21 of its fighters yesterday, Tuesday, on the battlefronts, assuming great military ranks.

Al-Houthi group said that today, Wednesday, 21 members were buried, who were killed on the fronts, 12 of them impersonating military ranks.

The heroes of the army and the popular resistance are engaged in continuous battles against the Houthi coup militia, on various fronts of fighting, especially on the fronts of Marib Governorate.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the heroes of the army and the resistance managed to break several attacks by the Houthi militia, inflicting dozens of deaths and injuries, in addition to other material losses, including the destruction of three crews with their equipment, according to the media center of the armed forces.

Simultaneously, the coalition’s warplanes targeted the militia’s gatherings and mechanisms along the fronts with several raids, including the destruction of a bmb vehicle and several crews, and the killing of dozens of Houthi elements.

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