On the anniversary of October 14.. this is the danger that will reoccupy southern Yemen


No sooner had the 26th of September revolution erupted to get rid of tyranny in the north of the homeland than the 14th of October revolution erupted to expel the colonizer in the south. This oneness in timing did not occur randomly or by chance. It is the oneness of this people, the oneness of their suffering and the oneness of their hopes that have made and are still this synergistic interaction that is proven in their historical movement. Any major event that occurs in any part of our homeland, but its repercussions pass to include the rest of geography.

For centuries, northern Yemen has been subjected to the attacks of Imami tyranny in many periods, while southern Yemen has been subjected to the attacks of the external colonizer. Whoever reads the history of this suffering, with both sides, will find that the only condition for colonialism is the imamate with its anti-Yemeni stance. If it cannot control all the forces of the people and swallow up its entire geography, then it does not mind returning to confinement within a small area in the high mountains of Saada. Its priority over the state is to create an anti-Yemeni authority that is in the hands of the dynasty, even if it is within a limited geographical scope. It does not concern it beyond its authority and does not view it except as a land of feud and an area of ​​conquest, and in a form that makes it closer to the power of external penetration, which is the first reality for it and centuries are not enough to cover it.

Less than a month ago, our people were celebrating the anniversary of their glorious September revolution, and today they celebrate the anniversary of their glorious October revolution, as two wings with which the Yemeni people took off, bypassing the legacy of the dark period of its history and flying above the humiliation of tyranny and colonial greed. Celebrating the memory of any major event cannot come only in the context of necessary praise and glorification, but as an occasion for everyone to consider his position in the event and whether he is walking in the line of preserving and developing his gains or has his boats ran aground.

to another path.

There is no need here to list the existential risks that threaten the two major revolutionary events in the modern history of Yemen.

The fact that the war that our people has been suffering from for seven years has not stopped, we have learned from is that the opponent could not proceed to bring his project back to the forefront of reality except through the distances created by small rivalries in the national ranks. Confronting and demolishing this project requires today the consolidation of the national rank with all its components and the renunciation of internal differences, and only with this can we prove the correctness of our belonging to the two glorious revolutions.

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