On the authority of the scholar, Investigator Abdul Muhammad al-Habashi, who is far from the limelight and the media


The Yemeni scholar Abdullah Muhammad al-Habashi (born in al-Ghurfa near Seiyun in Hadhramaut in 1949 AD) is considered the pride of Yemen. Scientists and celebrities who singled out special translations” and others..

Al-Habashi is one of the scholars who preferred to work away from the spotlight and the media, despite the abundance of his knowledge, the breadth of his culture, and the depth of his knowledge. Yemen has honored him so far.

Allama al-Habashi worked with Judge Ismail al-Akwa’, may God have mercy on him, for a long time in the General Authority for Antiquities and Manuscripts in Sana’a. Therefore, he is the most knowledgeable of the people of Yemen in the field of historical manuscripts and books. Allama al-Akwa’ praised him and predicted him a promising future.
He was honored by Sheikh Abdul-Maqsoud Khoja in Jeddah in 2014.

And the hadith of Allama Abdullah al-Habashi in the twofolds of Abd al-Maqsoud Khoja in Jeddah is the only hadith recorded for him in the media, and it is a rare hadith in which he appeared more modest, and his responses to questions were more modest and brief despite his abundance of knowledge and great efforts, but it is a sign of humility and self-denial.
Sheikh Abdullah al-Habashi admitted that his children did not tend to be scholars and historians and commented, “It is better for them.” He also spoke in that meeting about important facts and about his role in responding to orientalists who challenged Islam, such as Brockelmann and others, and in documenting important aspects of Yemeni history.
Al-Habashi has been working for years at the Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi, and he is far from political rivalries and is devoted to science, investigation and authorship.

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